Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre 26th & 27th April 2025

Taunton Longswords Association

Ever fancied learning to swordfight? Taunton Longsword Association will be at the Medieval Fayre offering have a go sessions in Medieval German Longsword. Come along and begin your sword-master training!

Founded in 2004, Taunton Longsword Association is a club that researches, interprets and trains members in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

We specialise in the two-handed ‘longsword’ focusing on the 15th century German tradition, but occasionally we take a break from longsword to train in other HEMA disciplines, such as:

  • Sword & Buckler (I.33)
  • Italian Rapier
  • Medieval dagger combat
  • Medieval poleaxe
  • Sabre

TLA is a friendly club with a diverse membership from a range of backgrounds (including Eastern martial arts, re-enactment, teaching, office managers and NHS workers), all with a broad spectrum of fitness and learning objectives.

Period: Mixed Medieval