Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre 26th & 27th April 2025

Drengskapr Hird

Plymouth based Viking reenactment group authentically portraying living history and combat skills

Historia Normannis

Historia Normannis prides itself as a society, bringing history to life in a historically accurate, engaging and exciting way.

The Sutton Household

We are a medieval re-enactment group, portraying living history from the period of the Wars of the Roses in the 15th Century.

The Company of the Black Serpent

We are a small group that do medieval re-enactment. We show what day to day life was like in the medieval period.

Taunton Longswords Association

Ever fancied learning to swordfight? Taunton Longsword Association will be at the Medieval Fayre offering have a go sessions in Medieval German Longsword.

Paladins of Chivalry

The Paladins of Chivalry are a family friendly re-enactment society based in Croydon recreating life in the late fourteenth century (1327—1422).

Wessex Medieval Alliance

Wessex Medieval Alliance focuses on 15th-century historical re-enactments covering the periods known as The Hundred Years War and The Wars of the Roses.

Hartleys Companie

Hartleys Companie are a 15th century re-enactment group with members from all over Europe.

The Company of the Phoenix

Based in the south of the UK, we are a 15th-century re-enactment group who specialize in all aspects of medieval warfare

Plymouth Medieval Society

We are a Plymouth-based group who re-enact lords and ladies of the hundred years war (1400-1450) through knight's tournament fighting, court dancing and living history.

Domus Lunaris

Domus Lunaris portray the household of the noble Italian Gabrielli Family in the second half of the 1400's. Well travelled and well educated, the Gabriellis are in England as escort to Papal Envoy Francesco Coppini.

The Lovells Companye

We portray the household of Francis Lovell, Richard III's right hand man and childhood friend.

Draca Beordor

Draca Beordor Viking Age Re-enactment is an award-winning living history and combat display group based in Somerset.

The House of the Twin-Tailed Lion

We are an authentic 13th-century group, based in Evesham, specialising in the events of the second Barons' War.

The Bowden Retinue

The Bowden Retinue are a group of medieval history enthusiasts, who collectively have over 100 years of experience in the re-enactment world and extensive knowledge of the period on many subjects.